To Our Fishing Lodges

Transportation to and from our fishing lodges is provided by float equipped aircraft. Your journey will begin at Goose Bay, Labrador, Canada and from there you will be flown to one of our lodges. Transportation to another of our fishing lodges located closer to the lakes and rivers will be arranged, if needed, at no cost to the you.


By Commercial Airline: Air Canada and Canadian Airlines have several connector flights throughout the USA on a daily basis to Goose Bay. We can assist you with reservations. By Road: From Montreal to Goose Bay via Highway 389, Baie Comeau, Quebec to Labrador City, Labrador. Trans Labrador Highway (route 500) to Goose Bay. Please note the Trans Labrador Highway consists of 350 miles of gravel road with services located at Labrador City, Churchill Falls and Goose Bay. We suggest you call ahead to receive road conditions prior to travel.

Plan to arrive at Goose Bay one day prior to scheduled fishing trip.

Due to limited space available on Bush Aircraft, baggage is strictly limited to sixty
pounds per person. We recommend you use hard cases to transport your fishing equipment to Goose Bay.
Bringing back your trophy from Canada is a not always the easiest part of your trip. The airlines have alot of rules, and for what reason, they vary a great deal. Your best bet is to talk to Torngat Wilderness Aventures and enlist our help in planning how you will get your trophies back home with the least amount of hassle.
Aircraft operation in and out of the camp from Goose Bay is subject to visual flight
rules. We will not be responsible for accommodations at Goose Bay made necessary by poor flying weather. Your rate will not be reduced if for any reason your arrival at Goose Bay is delayed or if poor flying weather prevents your going directly to camp upon arrival.