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Three Kinds Of Fishing Nets You Need To Have

fishing hook Many different kinds of fishing nets can be obtained from the market to help you capture a lot of different varieties of fish at one time. Each and every net has a distinctive design to help you capture a particular kind of fish. Let’s get rolling by taking a review of three different types of professional fishing nets that you need to have for a successful fishing adventure.

Hoop Nets

Hoop Nets commonly known as the barrel, fiddler, or fyke nets, are probably the most typical immobile nets used in industrial fishing. Hoop nets are cylindrical shaped nets with a series of hoops, usually, 7 per net, tapered and spread along the entire length of the net to help it stay open. To fish using a hoop net, the net is cast out in a water body, and the bait is put into the closed or tail end of the net. The net is then raised from the water, and the catch is emptied. The hoops are typically made from fiber glasses and are either D-shaped, square or most commonly round.

A Cast Net

A cast net differs from the other nets in that it is a cone designed net, with a weighted edge which is thrown out manually by hands and instantly drawn right back up again. When cast in the water, the weighted perimeters of the net will cause it to sink and capture any fish right away. There is a line mounted on the net to help you pull back in your catch.

A Seine Net

Seine nets hang up vertically in the water with the lower part weighted down across the bottom edge and floated over the top so the net will hang vertically in the water.  They are usually woven from rope or twine with mesh spaces the size of the particular fish you would like to capture. The ends are drawn jointly to encircle and capture the fish. They are Suitable for use in salt or fresh water bodies, and many can be cast by boat or land.