children's fishing rod

Three Awesome Fishing Rods for Children

youth fishing poleTraining a child how to fish is among the most gratifying experiences that a parent can pass to his or her child. The fun and pleasure of this leisure activity can make it an essential part of anyone’s life.

Children and grownups can use the same basic fishing techniques but their gears may be different. For instance, the fishing rods. If children have negative experience during their first time when fishing, they will likely never wish to do it again. Children’s fishing rods are made to reduce unfavorable encounters and make the best use of the equipment.

Starting up with the appropriate gear significantly boosts the chance of success for young fishers who are a novice in the field. Generally, I suggest starting with basic gear that is affordable and extremely easy to use. Here are there awesome fishing rods that will make your child’s fishing experience amazing:

Spin cast Reel and 5½-foot to 6-foot Medium-Power Rod

Many of these fishing rods come paired with a string already. With about a 5½-foot fishing rod being the best size for a small kid of about 8 to 10 years and a 6-footer better suited for an average kid of about 10 to 14 years. For mainly small sized fish like perch, bluegill, trout or crappie, try a 5-pound monofilament or choose a 10-pound mono if you want them to catch bigger fish like carp, catfish, walleye, and bass. While this is often considered children’s gear, it can be used by adults too to catch bigger fish.

Spinning Reel and 6-foot to 6½-foot Medium-Power Rod

Also known as “open face” spinning reels and rods are good at casting light to average weight. Once the child has mastered a great release point to obtain a lengthy cast using a spin cast reel, he is prepared to improve to a spinning reel. Thkids fishing kitese rods and reels cost a little more, nevertheless, you get more resilient gears and better casting and retrieving, thus, enabling much more accuracy and better feel. These rods perform great for almost all situations and can easily be upgraded to a 20-pound line and be equipped for big fish.

Zebco Fishing Dock Demon Spinning Combo

This is a 30-inch fiberglass fishing rod and a small reel attached to it. It comes with a foam handle that provides a comfortable grip for children. The foam also does not slip even when it gets wet, allowing children to play in the water without the risk of dropping their rod into the water. The 3 eye design of the body of the fishing rod guides the fishing line and permits short casting distances. Using this rod will help kids acquire excellent skills that they will use for fishing when they grow old.