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The Fishing

Our Fishing Package is ideally taylored to allow guests the opportunity to fish three great Atlantic salmon Rivers from June through September.

The Black Bear River, legendary for its water clarity and sight casting opportunities is fantastic for dry fly fishing.

The Reeds River, the smallest of the three rivers is known for its clear picturesque pools holding big salmon and huge brookies.

The famous Sandhill River is noted for its run of large salmon where salmon in the forty-pound class are not uncommon. There are also some excellent trout streams nearby, which have good populations of wild brookies that range from 2 to 8 pounds for a change of pace.

As mentioned before, Labrador is the habitat of many sporting species which are excellent opponents because of their great size. Moreover, the territory on which we have access has several rapids containing an abundance of great masters who give our visitors complete sporting measure.

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Sportfishing Guides

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Our guides are chosen for their knowledge of the rivers and their fishing experience. They will be at the tiller of the boat which is especially designed so that it may be safely operated on this type of water. The guide wilI take you to the action and provide some great thrills.

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During your excursions your guide will provide good advice on the techniques to use. At the propitious moment he wiIl be on the watch to ensure the best chance of garnering your trophy. Even beginners will be able to make impressive catches in short order.

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For those whose are fervent about fly fishing, the guide will be an important asset in selecting the best places and appropriate flys. On several occasions it will be possible to fish by wading along the rapids so do not forget to bring your waders.