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Cold Weather Fishing- Guide on How to Catch Plenty Fishes During Winter

cold weather bass fishing Whether it’s for recreational purposes or for competitive reasons, fishing is an enjoyable skill that you must know. Fishing is an activity fit for all ages from kids to older since learning it can be really fun and rewarding.

Learning how to fish has its own practical reasons also so it is definitely one skill that you may want to learn more about.

However, if you have mastered the basics of regular fishing already, then you may take things to the next level by exploring different conditions for fishing.

With that said, one of the first condition change that people would usually explore first is winter.

Winter fishing, as the name suggests, is when you fish during winter. Winter gives out a new thrill to fishing since there are now more things to consider due to the conditions. Unlike fishing in temperate conditions, catching plenty of fish during winter can be quite a daunting task. Fishes during cooler weather conditions are actually less active which is why most people struggle to catch a lot.

To help and guide you hook the highest amount of fish you possibly can during winter, here are some things you can do.


Know About the Weather

Have you heard of the term “Cold Front?”

This whether phenomena happens when the air transits from warm to cold which results to temperatures dropping up to 15 degrees. Knowing about the “Cold Front” is an important fact because in winter fishing, this phenomena would result to almost zero fish activity.

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Plan Out Where and When you are Going

Fishing times during the winter would ideally play in the regions of 10AM- 4PM, when the air is not that cold yet. Aside from the time, scout for fishing spots also as winter would usually bring about strong current. Air would usually head north, use this information to plan accordingly.


Invest on Good Winter Fishing Equipment

Winter fishing is not a joke. Hypothermia, frostbites, and other cold-induced illnesses or injuries can happen to you if you are not too careful. Don’t take your chances against the weather. It would be best to get high quality insulated garments and accessories to avoid any of these unfortunate scenarios. Aside from that, if you are planning to go on a winter fishing trip you would also need other accessories such as a stocking hat and a parka.

Use Smaller Lures

Catching plenty of fish during winter is not that easy due to the less activity brought about by the cold weather. Aside from that, winter would signify that the fish are in a similar state to hibernation with full stomachs. Use smaller baits to attract more fishes looking for a quick snack rather than the big ones who are, more often than not, full.


The weather affects the fishes differently and other fishes may be more active than the others. Learn the place you are going to and ask the locals there or consult the internet on what fishes are you going to encounter in the area. Use the information to set up the lures and baits that you would need accordingly.


Finally, when fishing during winter you would need an extra bar of patience if you want to catch plenty of fishes. As mentioned, fish activity during this season can be quite low so make sure that you are willing to wait for your rewards.