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How to Choose The Right Fishing Tackle Accessories For Beginners

fly fishing equipment Most of the novice fishermen will today find different types of fishing tackle accessories due to their surplus number in the market. It, therefore, raises a lot of questions in their minds as to which are the best fishing tackle accessories.

What kind of fishing tackles will I need for my fishing activities? Which ones are the best? And how can I get them? The questions seem endless and may need little research to discover the right answer. Here are a few tips that will help you choose the right fishing tackle accessories.

Talk to Local Experts

Speaking to local experts as well as getting to know your local seller at the stores near your area, and basically searching on the internet for certain information are typical excellent methods to learn on the right fishing tackle gears for your specific needs are. In my search for the right fishing tackle gears, I found several blogs, article, videos, do-it-yourself pages, and several other useful information that will help you choose the right fishing tackle gears and avoid the wrong stuff.

Check on The Product Review

By doing your search online, you will come across several fishing tackle product reviews about these products from their respective websites. Reviews are the genuine and honest submission of previous users and cannot be manipulated by the product sells. Reviews will give you an overview of the product based on the past user experience. Several positive reviews about the product imply that the product is good to use and you can try it too.

Only Buy From Authorized Fishing Dealers

In most cases, authorized fishing gear dealers will always sell products of high quality as well as efficient in performance. Avoid buying your fishing tackle gears from the streets as you may end up buying counterfeit products that may not be effective in terms of performance. Authorized dealers also have a special team of experts who will best advise you on the right accessories according to your needs.

With that said and done, I hope you will consider the above-mentioned points before purchasing any fishing tackle gears.

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Three Awesome Fishing Rods for Children

youth fishing poleTraining a child how to fish is among the most gratifying experiences that a parent can pass to his or her child. The fun and pleasure of this leisure activity can make it an essential part of anyone’s life.

Children and grownups can use the same basic fishing techniques but their gears may be different. For instance, the fishing rods. If children have negative experience during their first time when fishing, they will likely never wish to do it again. Children’s fishing rods are made to reduce unfavorable encounters and make the best use of the equipment.

Starting up with the appropriate gear significantly boosts the chance of success for young fishers who are a novice in the field. Generally, I suggest starting with basic gear that is affordable and extremely easy to use. Here are there awesome fishing rods that will make your child’s fishing experience amazing:

Spin cast Reel and 5½-foot to 6-foot Medium-Power Rod

Many of these fishing rods come paired with a string already. With about a 5½-foot fishing rod being the best size for a small kid of about 8 to 10 years and a 6-footer better suited for an average kid of about 10 to 14 years. For mainly small sized fish like perch, bluegill, trout or crappie, try a 5-pound monofilament or choose a 10-pound mono if you want them to catch bigger fish like carp, catfish, walleye, and bass. While this is often considered children’s gear, it can be used by adults too to catch bigger fish.

Spinning Reel and 6-foot to 6½-foot Medium-Power Rod

Also known as “open face” spinning reels and rods are good at casting light to average weight. Once the child has mastered a great release point to obtain a lengthy cast using a spin cast reel, he is prepared to improve to a spinning reel. Thkids fishing kitese rods and reels cost a little more, nevertheless, you get more resilient gears and better casting and retrieving, thus, enabling much more accuracy and better feel. These rods perform great for almost all situations and can easily be upgraded to a 20-pound line and be equipped for big fish.

Zebco Fishing Dock Demon Spinning Combo

This is a 30-inch fiberglass fishing rod and a small reel attached to it. It comes with a foam handle that provides a comfortable grip for children. The foam also does not slip even when it gets wet, allowing children to play in the water without the risk of dropping their rod into the water. The 3 eye design of the body of the fishing rod guides the fishing line and permits short casting distances. Using this rod will help kids acquire excellent skills that they will use for fishing when they grow old.

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Cold Weather Fishing- Guide on How to Catch Plenty Fishes During Winter

cold weather bass fishing Whether it’s for recreational purposes or for competitive reasons, fishing is an enjoyable skill that you must know. Fishing is an activity fit for all ages from kids to older since learning it can be really fun and rewarding.

Learning how to fish has its own practical reasons also so it is definitely one skill that you may want to learn more about.

However, if you have mastered the basics of regular fishing already, then you may take things to the next level by exploring different conditions for fishing.

With that said, one of the first condition change that people would usually explore first is winter.

Winter fishing, as the name suggests, is when you fish during winter. Winter gives out a new thrill to fishing since there are now more things to consider due to the conditions. Unlike fishing in temperate conditions, catching plenty of fish during winter can be quite a daunting task. Fishes during cooler weather conditions are actually less active which is why most people struggle to catch a lot.

To help and guide you hook the highest amount of fish you possibly can during winter, here are some things you can do.


Know About the Weather

Have you heard of the term “Cold Front?”

This whether phenomena happens when the air transits from warm to cold which results to temperatures dropping up to 15 degrees. Knowing about the “Cold Front” is an important fact because in winter fishing, this phenomena would result to almost zero fish activity.

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Plan Out Where and When you are Going

Fishing times during the winter would ideally play in the regions of 10AM- 4PM, when the air is not that cold yet. Aside from the time, scout for fishing spots also as winter would usually bring about strong current. Air would usually head north, use this information to plan accordingly.


Invest on Good Winter Fishing Equipment

Winter fishing is not a joke. Hypothermia, frostbites, and other cold-induced illnesses or injuries can happen to you if you are not too careful. Don’t take your chances against the weather. It would be best to get high quality insulated garments and accessories to avoid any of these unfortunate scenarios. Aside from that, if you are planning to go on a winter fishing trip you would also need other accessories such as a stocking hat and a parka.

Use Smaller Lures

Catching plenty of fish during winter is not that easy due to the less activity brought about by the cold weather. Aside from that, winter would signify that the fish are in a similar state to hibernation with full stomachs. Use smaller baits to attract more fishes looking for a quick snack rather than the big ones who are, more often than not, full.


The weather affects the fishes differently and other fishes may be more active than the others. Learn the place you are going to and ask the locals there or consult the internet on what fishes are you going to encounter in the area. Use the information to set up the lures and baits that you would need accordingly.


Finally, when fishing during winter you would need an extra bar of patience if you want to catch plenty of fishes. As mentioned, fish activity during this season can be quite low so make sure that you are willing to wait for your rewards.

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Three Kinds Of Fishing Nets You Need To Have

fishing hook Many different kinds of fishing nets can be obtained from the market to help you capture a lot of different varieties of fish at one time. Each and every net has a distinctive design to help you capture a particular kind of fish. Let’s get rolling by taking a review of three different types of professional fishing nets that you need to have for a successful fishing adventure.

Hoop Nets

Hoop Nets commonly known as the barrel, fiddler, or fyke nets, are probably the most typical immobile nets used in industrial fishing. Hoop nets are cylindrical shaped nets with a series of hoops, usually, 7 per net, tapered and spread along the entire length of the net to help it stay open. To fish using a hoop net, the net is cast out in a water body, and the bait is put into the closed or tail end of the net. The net is then raised from the water, and the catch is emptied. The hoops are typically made from fiber glasses and are either D-shaped, square or most commonly round.

A Cast Net

A cast net differs from the other nets in that it is a cone designed net, with a weighted edge which is thrown out manually by hands and instantly drawn right back up again. When cast in the water, the weighted perimeters of the net will cause it to sink and capture any fish right away. There is a line mounted on the net to help you pull back in your catch.

A Seine Net

Seine nets hang up vertically in the water with the lower part weighted down across the bottom edge and floated over the top so the net will hang vertically in the water.  They are usually woven from rope or twine with mesh spaces the size of the particular fish you would like to capture. The ends are drawn jointly to encircle and capture the fish. They are Suitable for use in salt or fresh water bodies, and many can be cast by boat or land.

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3 Easy Fishing Guides For a Beginner

fishing tripsOnce you decide to begin your first fishing adventure, there are some things you need to pay attention to. Simple things you forget can stand in the way of bringing fish home. Make sure you learn the basic procedures and find the right place for fishing. In addition, have in mind to check the weather. It is better to stay at home if it’s going to be a rainy day.

1. Carefully choose the equipment

Choosing the right equipment is essential for fishing. The fishing rod should be chosen according to few factors. For the start, it is advised to choose the simplest fishing rod that will be easy for handling, but it is also important to be durable.

2. Wear the right clothes

Warm jacket and waterproof boots are something you cannot go fishing without. Always bring an additional set of clothes to change the old one in case you get wet. Bring a hat or sunglasses to protect your eyes from the sun.

3. Bring the right bait with you

There are all kinds of baits on the market and the choice is completely up to you but have in mind the type of fish you wish to catch. There is no point in bringing small baits if you want a big fish. Practice makes perfect, so if you don’t choose the right one first time, don’t worry about it. You will learn about these things in no time.

Having these things in mind will make your first fishing trip much easier and enjoyable. It is also good to have some food and water with you because you never know when you will get hungry. Besides, it is advisable to have a phone with you in case you need a help from a friend.

To Our Fishing Lodges

Transportation to and from our fishing lodges is provided by float equipped aircraft. Your journey will begin at Goose Bay, Labrador, Canada and from there you will be flown to one of our lodges. Transportation to another of our fishing lodges located closer to the lakes and rivers will be arranged, if needed, at no cost to the you.


By Commercial Airline: Air Canada and Canadian Airlines have several connector flights throughout the USA on a daily basis to Goose Bay. We can assist you with reservations. By Road: From Montreal to Goose Bay via Highway 389, Baie Comeau, Quebec to Labrador City, Labrador. Trans Labrador Highway (route 500) to Goose Bay. Please note the Trans Labrador Highway consists of 350 miles of gravel road with services located at Labrador City, Churchill Falls and Goose Bay. We suggest you call ahead to receive road conditions prior to travel.

Plan to arrive at Goose Bay one day prior to scheduled fishing trip.

Due to limited space available on Bush Aircraft, baggage is strictly limited to sixty
pounds per person. We recommend you use hard cases to transport your fishing equipment to Goose Bay.
Bringing back your trophy from Canada is a not always the easiest part of your trip. The airlines have alot of rules, and for what reason, they vary a great deal. Your best bet is to talk to Torngat Wilderness Aventures and enlist our help in planning how you will get your trophies back home with the least amount of hassle.
Aircraft operation in and out of the camp from Goose Bay is subject to visual flight
rules. We will not be responsible for accommodations at Goose Bay made necessary by poor flying weather. Your rate will not be reduced if for any reason your arrival at Goose Bay is delayed or if poor flying weather prevents your going directly to camp upon arrival.